A Step by Step Advanced SEO Guide

June 21, 2017

SEO is the success formula for any website to perform well in the Major Search Engines especially GOOGLE. Major aspects to look after are

  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off –Page Optimization

To Build a Google-friendly website you have to focus on almost every factor rather than focusing on few.

Specialized Tools for SEO:

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Analytics

The above mentioned tools are enough to extract the required data. Right use of Keyword Planner helps to find the Low Competitive and highly searched Keywords. Webmaster Tools and Analytics will help in understanding your Customer Behavior and much more

Plan a Perfect Strategy:

Try focusing mainly on the technical as well as on page optimization. Target the low search and low competitive keywords in the beginning for effective results. Once your site starts growing, then look after high competitive keywords. Even your competitors will not focus on your initial keywords.

It would be not so advisable to start with high competitive, as it takes a decent amount of time to show results. To better follow those strategies which show some good results in short span of time.

Keyword Research Strategy:

Like everyone, I also suggest Keyword planner to find the keywords. In Google Keyword planner the search engine result pages which displays is not the competition, it’s the number of people bidding on that specific keyword in Ad words.

Other than Google Keyword Planner, you can also try the Google auto suggest, Google search suggestion. While searching for keywords keep you Domain Authority and Page Authority in mind.

Following are some of the most useful softs for Keyword Research:

  • Moz (Free Toolbar)
  • Keyword Fest (Free software)
  • Semrush (one of the most useful software) – Paid one
  • Scrape Box

You can use the following softs for better results. Mix of above stated softs with proxies yield better results.

Keywords which are not recommended:

  • The results which are displayed with featured snippets
  • Keywords which shows local results at the top of SERP.
  • Some of the authority sites which matches your targeting keyword exactly.

Also work on latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords. They are the synonyms and other different variants of your keywords. Best use of these keywords in your articles increases the ranking for all the variants in Google search results.

Choosing attractive Title page is Must:

Although you’re ranked first in Google, Titles which drags the attention of the visitors grabs the most of the opportunities. Title of the page should able to bring curiosity in the visitor’s point of view. Some of the General guidelines to follow are

  • Don’t repeat same Titles which are used by competitors, especially which are used in the SERPS
  • Mostly use the words like Best, Great, Advance etc.,

Internal Link Structure:

The good Internal link structure helps in Indexing pages on your website. Internal Link is those links which redirect to your internal pages.

Important Technical SEO Aspects:

Site Speed: Improve your site speed and focus on it. Most of the visitors don’t give damn to site if it doesn’t load in time. Page speed Insights is one of the Google tools, which guides you the way to improve your site speed.

Mobile Friendly:

This is the most important aspect to look into. Around 60% above visitors uses mobile, you will be losing the majority of your leads or visitors if you failed in this aspect.

Some more important factors to look after are:

  • Site Structure
  • Responsive Design
  • Avoid 404 Errors
  • Use of Efficient Codes

Ways to develop Backlink Strategy:

  • Build your own Blog Network and throw some quality content and give backlinks to your website. Boost up the Blog network with some more quality links for better results.
  • Try to collect the backlinks of your competitors and try getting a link to your website from same sites.
  • If you have high ranking site, then add a link in that high ranking site to your new site. Which shows better results

Social Media is one of the best ways to get viewers attention. Promoting your content with help of social media not only reaches customers but gives the best results in search engines.