Insightful Information On The Process Of Keyword Research

March 28, 2016

Keyword research is one of the most important tools used in search engine marketing industry. Searching for keywords may break or rank your website and so, it is important to learn which keywords or key phrases should be targeted for search engine positioning.Through this article, you will definitely learn to do keyword research that helps you in finding the right set of words targeting your landing page.  There are certain things that you need to do to perform keyword research in the best possible manner.

Brain Storm List:

Most of the keyword researches start with preparing a long list of guesses. The optimizers come up with several lists of phrases and words assuming that the target demographic will use for describing the products, services and contents.  You can begin with your keyword research with any one of these lists. In addition, it is also important to think about how your customers ask for your services and products in the search queries. It is better to go with phrase such as “how to and where to buy” and if you want to be more specific, you can also include the city name such as Los Angeles, California, etc. along with the search terms.

Select And Use Keyword Research Tool:

In the keyword research for seoprocess, the main part lies in analyzing the brainstorm list of keywords to find out the one that has a very good mix of demand, relevance and attainability to get top search engine positioning. There are so many free tools available on the internet but to make in-depth analysts and search insights, it is better to use paid tools. However, for conducting research at the basic level, you can go with Google AdWords keyword planner tool. Even the free tool allows you to conduct analysis of around 10,000 keywords at a time but, beginning with research on small batches make analyzing through the keyword phrases much easier.

When you use Google Keyword Planner, you will come across three search options such as search for keyword and ad group ideas, upload keywords to see how they perform and multiply keyword list. However, you can go with the first option as it will return to the appropriate search results. Moreover, you can also find keyword suggestions that tell how many people are searching for the phrase that you have entered.

Use Keyword Suggestions:

As already said, the keyword research tool comes up with a set of suggested keywords or phrases. In Google Keyword Planner, these phrases are called as Keyword ideas. You will get a complete list of keyword ideas based on average monthly searches. Gathering insights from these suggested keywords is really valuable as it provides you with the clear idea of phrases used by targeted demographic to search for the products. You can utilize this information to redefine your keyword list and pick up the one that can generate organic search traffic.

Make Keywords To Describe The Content:

When you look at the keyword suggestions, you may fall into higher volume of drunken haze and forget about relevance which means that it is directly related to the descriptive part of your product. If you come across a keyword phrase that is related to your topic but does not describe the topic of your landing page, you can spend some time to create a new page and develop new content based on that keyword phrase. You should never try to fool Google Spiders or humans by using keyword phrases that do not describe the content exactly. You should use keyword research for seo to notify content strategy.

Find How Many People Look For It?

When you look at the Average monthly searches of a specific keyword phrase, you will understand how many times the specific keyword is entered in Google search. Of course, when you use paid tools, you can even be informed about how many times that the specific keyword phrase is searched in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If a specific keyword has high search volume, you can understand two important things. One- there is a great demand for this product or for relevant information on that topic. Two- people are using this exact language to find more information on that product. So, you can optimize your page with the keywords with high search volume, which in turn helps you to get top search engine positioning and generating organic search traffic.

Competitive Analysis:

The last section of keyword research for seo process is doing competitive analysis. This segment is all about analyzing the competition for keyword. To understand this segment, you should Google for the specific phrase as if you are a searcher. You will either see results offering products and services as that of yours or big brands occupying top ten positions.

If you see results offering products and services of your type, then you are in the right path. After this, you have to look for which brands are ranking at the top for your keyword phrase and the language that they are using. One of the best ways to beat your competitors in search engine positioning is to more things better than them. You should check whether they have used keyword phrase in the description, title and body copy. To get detailed information about the keyword usage of your competitor, you can search for Allintitle: your keyword phrase. This search will inform you about how many webpages have included your keyword phrase in their title tag.

On the other hand, if you see highly authoritative big brands ranking in the top ten. In such cases, you have to give up and it is better to spend your time to target on different keyword phrase which has a chance for top search engine position and brining organic search traffic.

Whenever you optimize your website for search engine ranking, you must ensure that your search phrase is included in metal titles, metal descriptions and body content. Of course, you should invest a lot of time and effort to carry out keyword research for seo to find out the appropriate keyword for your website.