Importance of Keywords for Search Engine Optimization in Deriving Traffic

March 28, 2016

With the development of search engine optimization industry, it is essential make sure that you do not miss out the new comers. With unending addition of new business owners as well as webmasters discovering SEO for the first time, it is worth showing priority to keyword search engine optimization. Like any other successful marketing campaign, it is crucial to make sure that you are aware of whom your audience is and the way to reach them. In the same manner conventional advertising agencies review their demographic users, search engine marketers should ensure that their SEO strategies targets the appropriate search phrases or keyword. Targeting the wrong keyword would end up with undesirable search engine rankings for keywords which have no search requests.


If you come up with new products or have started a company, you obviously discuss with your friends, business partners and relatives and consult the requirements of your target audience. In the same way, while you start on your SEO campaign, it is necessary that you brainstorm the search phrases which are likely to drive highly qualified visitors to your website. Spend time with your business partners and co-workers and discuss what keywords are highly connected to the services and products you deliver. Create an inventory of five to ten keywords that you feel could represent your company the best and which you deem people would enter into a search engine while trying to reach you. Check out on the following features for search engine optimization keywords when you brainstorm,

  • Whether your audience likely to research for simple layman phrases or industry standard terms?
  • What are the products in stock? There is no use targeting keywords that are prevalent when you actually source that item
  • What products have the greatest profit margin? A product that is searched less but has better profit margin would be favorable to get a search engine ranking and may yield great revenues.
  • Spot your largest competitors. Look at the competitors websites and check which products they seem to target and which phrases for which they have rankings.

Make use of PPC data

Chances are that your decision to start a SEO campaign is induced by your wish to reduce the expensive PPC campaigns. While dependence on PPC will be decreased with a better SEO campaign, you can make use of present PPC efforts while researching your keywords to target. Evaluate your PPC keywords and check to see which among them have driven the greater traffic levels, higher click through rates and increased sales conversions. It is likely that a keyword which brought about successful results via PPC campaign will be applicable in your quest to acquire top positioning in search engine.

Expanding the keywords list

Once you have done your brainstorming and compiled the list of five to ten core search phrases, it is time to further on and maximize that list. A list of five to ten keywords will not bring the required amount of search engine traffic to make your website succeed. You have to turn to search engines and research which keywords are actually typed into google, bing, yahoo, etc.