High-End Social Media Advertising Strategies for Business Success

March 28, 2016

If you have ever experienced running an ad campaign on twitter or Facebook, you know how intricate the process turns once you cross the basics. Between choosing your objective, fixing a budget, confining your audience targeting, measuring ROI and testing and there is much more to do. Even more challenging task is that several big brands make use of highly sophisticated methods to handle multi-million dollar spends. It clearly shows that the competition is fierce. As competitive as social media becomes, there are huge opportunities for acquiring success in generating engagement, visibility and sales and the best of which come from a process of iterating, learning and experiment. You can go ahead by learning from the reputed brand marketers, brand managers and media buyers who are exactly where you are right now. Discussed below are five advanced social media advertising strategies,

  • Consult different data sources to check the ROI of your ad campaign

Nowadays, not like before, brands have a great chance to drive real ROI with social medial promotional campaigns. With the custom audience targeting feature of Facebook, you can able to target the exact users, with messaging, for example, to purchase stuff which they have ignored in their shopping carts. It is due to this reason; it is highly significant to assign a dollar value to ROI produced out of your ad campaigns. The issue, however, is that promotional attribution is biased. As with measuring your credit score, you will need to consult multiple sources to ensure that come up with a figure, may be a range, median or an average, which offers you a complete revenue image.

  • Verify multiple advertising channels to evaluate unique strengths of social media

This technique is the best social media advertising strategy. While designing marketing campaigns, you have to check out all the distinct techniques that users are exploring and researching new products. Social media is not a sort of closed system and the behavior of customer does not necessarily follow estimated patterns. For a one non-profit client, multi-channel approach can be used via search, display and facebook promotion. With facebook in specific, individuals are targeted who have been to client’s website without subscribing to the email list of organization. By testing out the multiple advertising channels, you will create a clear image of how they all suit together. Before introducing multiple ad campaigns, however, it is essential to design a story around the journey of your target audience. Study how they obtain information, follow causes which they support and take transaction decisions.

  • Unveil what you may not aware of

Success by advertising on social media is normally based on the details. Along with the monitoring macro level trends, it is significant to pay attention to what is taking place beyond the surface. While you check patterns, go deeper to discover an explanation for why you see what you see. This curiousness will assist you explore new verticals of opportunity. Begin by challenging assumptions and by asking questions which could result in optimizations for your audience.