Brief Beginners Guide to Make Best Use of Google Ad words

December 20, 2016

As all know Google is the major search Engine globally. Similarly, Advertising through Google plays a vital role in reaching Wide range of customers. The most effective way to reach customer through online advertising is Google Ad words. To make the best use of Google Ad words, one needs to have brief understanding of Keyword Planner Tool. Keyword planner is updated version of the Google keyword Tool and also helps in estimating the Ad words Traffic.

Creating an Ad Campaign and Ad Groups:

Once you are in to Keyword Planner, you will be asked to pick one of 3 possible options.

Search for Keyword and Ad Group Ideas:  This is one of the most important steps in creating a Campaign. Once you hit on the option, you will be proceed to next stage. You can find a robust keyword search tool. This helps in analyzing and also gathering right keywords for campaign to run effectively. You can research the keywords from any or all of three ways available

  • keyword
  • Landing Page
  • Product category

Once after choosing one or all the three available options, you hit for search option. The Tool provides a list of related keywords for your business. The Tool display a huge list of keywords from which you need to filter more appropriate keywords.

Filtering the Keywords:

Keyword planner Tool has a lot of inbuilt filtering options like Average PPC, Competition of that specific Keywords and also Search Volume. Helps in gathering suitable keywords for your campaigns. You also have a possibility of including and excluding an individual keyword from the list.

Targeting the Right people:

Another important parameter in setting up an Ad word Campaign is targeting visitors. In Google Ad words you have the freedom to choose the visitors from targeted country, language and interest as well. This plays an important role in running an Ad word campaign.

Plan and Estimation of your Keyword Plan:

The next step in the process is setting up Bid and Budget for the keywords and Ad groups which are in your portfolio. The CPC bid and Keyword Volume are based on different factors like Location which you are targeting, Bid, Daily budget and other competitive factors. So, you have to provide information to Google to customize your estimates

For your understanding, you have a daily budget of $1000 and entered a bid of $25 and click on the GET Detailed Estimates button. Then the tool generates and provides the information of estimated Clicks, Impressions, Average ad position and costs.

After finalizing, you have the possibility of downloading the entire keyword plan in couples of formats, one is Excel or Ad words Editor CSV.

Enter Or Upload Your Own Keyword List:

The other way setting a campaign is using your own list. You can use this option, when you have Good keyword data. You can go with an option of Upload your own keyword list and start the campaign.

If you  have own data then upload the keywords and click on GET ESTIMATE option and you will be proceed to next stage. Remaining process would remain same as above. The only difference in the above and present option is having a pre built keyword data.

Multiplying Keyword Lists Using Keyword Planner:

The Final way to run a campaign is using the Multiplying Keyword Lists Using Keyword Planner option. Here you have to combine and multiply keyword lists. If you would like to generate keywords with set of names of products with colors and word modifiers. Then you can use this option, but you have limited to three lists to mash up. After entering the different list you have to click on the Get Estimates button. Where the process goes same as said in the first stage.